Company Name: Laubach Construction, Inc.
Location: Orange County, CA
Year Founded: 1988
State Founded: California
CA License Number: 752766-B
Insurance Carrier: Boswell Insurance
Insurance Agent: Joe Boswell
Insurance Limits: Liability – $2,000,000
Auto – $1,000,000
Workers Comp – $1,000,000

Preferred Construction Locations

Orange County
San Diego County
Los Angeles County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County


We comply with OSHA guidelines and create site-specific safety plans for every project. Safety requirements are incorporated as required.


We believe that our select list of subcontractors provide a unique balance of knowledge, commitment and quality while performing quality work on time. They possess the specialized knowledge of their trades to provide cost effective proposals and solutions. They are as committed to excellence as we are.


Estimates and bids are exactly that – estimates. The better the plans, details and specifications, the more accurate the estimate. For our average estimate we recommend a two (2) week bid process. This allows time for subcontractors to visit the site, quantify the project requirements and get material pricing.

Conceptual Estimates

There are many ways to estimate a project. During the design process it is sometimes necessary to prepare preliminary estimates based on incomplete information. We have the unique ability to draw on previous experience while using current pricing to develop proposed costs. These in turn can allow you to budget your construction needs.